Power Structure

Stage Play

Structure your stage play by acts and scenes

Also create a complete detailed cast list. Add information about each scene. And detail each character's plot arc. 

Craft each character.

Add as many or as few characters as you'd like to your stage play.

  • Detail physical characteristics
  • Identify each character's desires and goals
  • Expand upon each character's strengths and virtues
  • Complete an entire character arc

Two Act Structure

The Stage Play - Two Act template is built around the very common two-act structure for stage plays.

Five Act Structure

Or add additional acts to use a newer five-act structure.

Keep your story moving forward.

Every act (or scene) in a stage play needs to keep the story moving forward. Customize Power Structure to "fill in the blanks" so you answer:


  • What is the Opening Hook?
  • How does this Act move the story forward?
  • What has to happen in this Act?
  • What is the Ending Hook?

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