Power Structure

Writing a Screenplay in Power Structure

Creating Characters

Your characters have backstories and lives that may not be completely shown on the screen. By writing and knowing these backstories, the characters in your script will come alive through your writing. Write a complete biography for your main characters. Include just a few important details for those characters that make brief appearances. You can even include extras such as Man #1 or Dancer #2 to keep your entire cast list organized.

Three Act Structure

Screenplays often follow the three-act structure made popular by professional screenwriters and writers. With Power Structure, you can easily follow this structure and include all the necessary plot points that keep your story moving forward. Power Structure is completely customizable if you wish to add or edit your own story structure.

    Plot Points

    Plot points are the building blocks of any script. They are what keep your story moving forward and your screenplay interesting. Use Power Structure to detail each plot point including the necessary conflict, the involvement of characters, and the ticking clock. 

    Sequences and Scenes

    You may build your screenplay around scenes or you may use sequences. Power Structure has templates for both. In either case, the goal is the same. Write down all your thoughts and ideas and story blocks into Power Structure. Power Structure organizes and outlines your story into a well structured screenplay.

    Track the Conflict

    There is an old saying that "a story is a war." Conflict that keeps raising the stakes is how you keep readers and your audience interested in your story. With Power Structure, you can track all conflicts and even visually graph them. Make sure the conflicts in the Third Act are even bigger than the ones in the First Act. 

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