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Power Structure is story development and outlining software for Mac or Windows that turns all your random thoughts, ideas, and notes into a carefully structured story or script.

Use Power Structure to create characters, outline your plot, structure your story by scene or chapter, and visually track each character's journey through obstacles and conflict. Power Structure is just $99.95  

Ten Reasons Every Writer Needs Power Structure

> 1. Eight professional storytelling templates

There are templates for screenwriting, playwriting, television, and fiction. But that's just the beginning. You can customize each one or even create your own. Everything is flexible.

> 2. You Control Your Writing

Every writer has random thoughts and ideas that need to be organized. With Power Structure, you can turn all your random ideas into a carefully structured and organized story. No thought is too small. No idea is too large. Some programs force you to write step-by-step from Page One to The End. Not Power Structure. 

Power Structure works the way you write. Start in the beginning. Start in the middle. Or start with your final scene. 

> 3. Six Hours Bonus Audio Courses

Six Hours of Free Audio Writing Courses from best-selling authors and teachers Chris Vogler and Michael HaugeThat's a $39.95 value..

> 4. Complete Character Development

Completely develop all major and minor characters: physical characteristics, outer and inner motivations, and complete character arcs.Write complete character biographies and arcs .

> 5. Break down your entire story

Use the Power Structure tools to outline and fully develop all scenes, chapters, plot points, and beats. Write treatments or step outlines for later reference.

> 6. See Your Story from Up High

Use the extremely powerful gestalt view to zoom in to the tiniest story detail and then zoom out to view your entire story by chapter or scene.

> 7. Export to Final Draft software

Export your Power Structure file directly into the top-selling screenwriting software program Final Draft. Start your screenplay with a complete movie outline already finished.

> 8. Ten International Dictionaries

International support including dictionaries for US English, UK English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

> 9. A Story is a War

Track and view the conflict throughout your story with the graphical Conflict View. See when to increase the action and drama and when to give your reader or audience a breather.

> 10. 30-Day Guarantee and Free Tech Support

If Power Structure doesn't improve your writing in thirty days, then let us know. We'll refund your money. We also give you free technical support by email and phone.

Still interested? Download the free Power Structure demo, watch a free video walkthrough, or buy Power Structure today.

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