Power Structure

Writing a Novel in Power Structure

Keep Your Characters Organized

Your novel or story may have just a few characters. Or perhaps you're writing an epic with a cast of hundreds. With Power Structure, you can easily keep all your characters organized. Detail their physical characteristics. Follow their character arc. Write a complete biography for your hero.

Construct Chapters

Novels Most novels or chapters are organized by chapters. Use Power Structure to summarize each chapter and "fill in the blanks" with each chapter's plot points. Indicate the conflict within each plot point that keeps your story moving forward. Write down the characters involved and what each must do. All these pieces are optional. You can write as much or as little detail as you need.

Summarize Each Chapter

Summarize each chapter by answering these questions:


  • What is the Chapter's Opening Hook?
  • How does the Chapter move the story forward?
  • What has to happen in this Chapter?
  • What is the Chapter's Ending Hook?

Write your story background

Power Structure includes a pre-populated story background area where you can write the backstory, a pitch to an agent or a publisher, and even write about your story's theme. These areas are ready to go. You can also add your own and customize Power Structure perfect for you.

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