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Mythic Structure (Hero's Journey)

The Mythic Structure template is based on the Hero's Journey stages of story popularized by Joseph Campbell and Chris Vogler.

Twelve Common Story Stages

Campbell and Vogler write that all stories consist of common Stages found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies. These twelve Stages compose the Hero's Journey.

This template makes it very easy for you to write your story or script and follow the twelve Stages of the Mythic Structure from the Ordinary World to Return with the Elixir.

Summarize each Stage

An easy way to get started with your story is to summarize certain key parts of each Stage.

  • What is the opening hook?

  • How the does this Stage move the story forward?

  • What has to happen in this Journey Stage?

  • What is the Journey Stage's Ending Hook?

Create New Scenes

Within each stage, your story might have a single scene or dozens. Adding a quick summary of a new scene is just one click away.

Complete Each Scene

Each Scene has several components that you can choose to complete with as much or little detail as you wish. These components include The Conflict, Story Stage, Characters Involved, and the Ticking Clock.

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