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Purchase Power Structure and get absolutely free two 3-hour courses from two amazing writing instructors. After your order is approved, you will get an email with links to download these audio files. This is a $39.90 value.

Screenwriting for Hollywood 

In this three-hour audio course, Michael Hauge, screenwriting teacher and best-selling author of Screenwriting for Hollywood and Selling Your Script in 60 Seconds walks you through developing a script from a basic idea to a polished screenplay. With an eye toward commercial success, Hauge helps you avoid the pitfalls that many good screenwriters encounter when trying to pitch their script to Hollywood. 3 Hours. $19.95 value.

Using Myth to Power Your Story

In this three-hour audio course, Chris Vogler, longtime studio executive and best-selling author of The Writer's Journey shows you how to use myth and fairy tales to add oomph to your screenplay, novel, stage play, or other work of fiction. 3 Hours. $19.95 value.

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