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Power Structure Software was designed to meet the specific needs of working screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, and television writers.

The working writers who developed Power Structure are Ken Schafer and Stuart Voytilla.

Ken Schafer

Ken Schafer is the designer and lead programmer of Power Structure. He also developed the award-winning FrameForge 3D Studio.

Ken has written for Star Trek: The Next Generation, ABC's Monday Night at the Movies, and has produced and sold projects to Paramount, Time Warner, Polygram, and ABC. He is the co-author of the Dreamworks SKG production bible.

He has been a teacher of screenwriting and production at UC Davis and has been a guest lecturer to Women in Film.

Stuart Voytilla

Stuart is a writer, script consultant, and teacher of acting and screenwriting.

Stuart is the co-founder, writer and producer (with Mark Redfield) in the company Redfield Arts. Voytilla's collaboration with Redfield goes back many years, and includes the play adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, that their screenplay was based on. Film credits for Redfield Arts include: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (co-writer, co-producer), The Sorcerer of Stonehenge School (co-writer, co-producer), Conjuring Aurora (co-writer, co-producer).

Voytilla also lectures about myth and genre, and teaches screenwriting at San Diego State University. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books on story structure and genre, Myth and the Movies and (with Scott Petri) Writing the Comedy Film.

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